The Mantis Clamp Cable Repair Kit

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When you need a quick cable fix in the field. The Mantis Clamp is a simple set and forget fix to mend any damaged or worn cables used in your Blast Mats.


✓ Reduced downtime

✓ Saves your company valuable time and money

✓ Simple Installation 

✓ Multiple lengths

✓ Exceptionally strong grip

✓ Seamlessly blends into your existing mats design

The last thing you want to deal with on the job is a damaged cable. Our clamp solution, much like the mantis itself, has exceptional grip strength, Meaning once your cable has been mended with the Mantis Clamp you are free to forget about it and continue working.

Using angled screw holes fashioned on the outside of its tapered cylindrical design, the clamp sinks its teeth into the cable and doesn’t let go.

Custom Manufactured

The Mantis Clamp Cable Repair Kit is B2B Industrial, Inc’s all in one cable mending solution. It is custom manufactured to ensure a quick, reliable, and secure fix to any cable or composite material being used on your job site. The clamp is highly customizable ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs.

• The mantis clamp cable diameter can range from 0.5” - 1.5”.

• Differing tensile strength profiles, fit for specific cable application.

• Consistent packaging sizes for shipments.

• Customizable lengths available for a range of applications.

• Composite materials available.