Job Title: TECHNICAL WIZARD – FULL TIME after a successful probationary period of 3 months of continuous WIZARDRY. B2B Industrial, Inc. (B2B) calls people who work in Technical positions, Wizards, because Wizards tend to perform magic to the rest of us mere mortals, that usually saves the day. Wizards tend to think outside the box, in the box, through the box, while solving meaningful and complex problems many have never encountered or attempted to solve.

Rate of Pay: This is really and completely up to you, the WIZARD, as it will be an hourly plus a commissioned based position. Samples of opportunities that the company encounters will be sent along to applicants that are interested, to demonstrate what the potential commissions may look like. Base pay will be from $20.00- $24.00 per hour.

Main Purpose of the Position: B2B Industrial, Inc. is looking for an honest, dependable, punctual, smart and hardworking person, interested in starting to generate meaningful technical solutions and consulting opportunities with B2B Industrial, Inc. These positions may also lead to advancement or promotion within the company. Wizards are expected to be adept at many skills, technically, proficient in math and computer science, people skills and have personal networks already pre-built and are able to make stuff happen (#MSH). Ensuring clients technical requests are handled, paperwork is properly filed and administrative details are taken care of for many various tasks in a WIZARDS day, is just part of the deal that WIZARDS are used too. They don’t whine about this or make excuses, because that’s not who they are. We are looking to build out our WIZARD team. We have access to some best of breed Drilling and Blasting products and services and are interested in having good people working alongside us.

Reports to: Ultimately, you report to the clients, however, in between that, you will report to the CWO, Chief Wizard Officer. All paperwork completed by a Wizard will be reviewed by an administrative person in an administrative capacity in the company and will be sent to administration using a process of scanning to the company for document retention, recall and access, via an electronic process. Since all of these processes are being built, the CWO expects many complaints from the Wizard as the system gets better. Just getting that explanation on paper was exhausting.

Duties and Responsibilities: WIZARDRY, Technical Calculations, Design, 3D Printing, Computer Science type Work, Software application work, Camera work, Excel Work, Application Work, APPLE and PC Technical Work, Networking skills, Quick follow-up, Territory Development. Having fun. Transparency on opportunities.

Minimum Qualifications: Must be honest, dependable and hard working – that’s a minimum. Previous WIZARDRY experience is highly desirable. The ability to craft professional technical documents, telephone skills, Personal and Business networks already in place are also highly desirable. Self Motivated, able to work remotely and alone, detail oriented. Good Sense of humour, because Wizardry can be frustrating at the best of times. Proficient use of Email, Word, Excel, Slack, Hubspot, very adept at internet research, is able to find information easily, Proficient with technology and can easily learn other cloud based software. Strong in spelling and grammar, strong written, oral communicator and in person communicator. Adept at determining whether requests are bogus or serious – highly desirable skill. Great math skills. – there maybe engineering calculations involved, unless you like to build future value, present value calculations and cashflow worksheets for wonderful leasing and rental opportunities, then, you may need to touch the calculus wand. J Must be able to travel efficiently – ie use a phone and email and have good driving record in the event you make calls on behalf of the company to a customer location. Must have a clean record and provide Criminal Background Check (Within 7 days) Experience in dealing with Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas, Military and Forestry Industries would be very beneficial.

Background Check: B2B Industrial, Inc. will conduct a background check before engaging/hiring any Wizard. An authorization form for the background check must be completed, and background check completed prior to the first week of work. Working Conditions: At this time, most work will be performed remotely at your home office. We trust that your home office is well equipped and you like working there J. In the event of the necessity for in-person meetings, meetings may occur via zoom or in-person while or in contract spaces. Our firm utilizes remote work for the majority of our team, so we don’t waste a lot of time traveling.

Physical Requirements

Must be in good physical shape Wizardry can be a demanding occupation. Being in good physical condition is something that helps Wizards to Excel.

Strength Guidelines: There may be a requirement for lifting of up to 15lbs. Depends how old your laptop is. J On occasion, you may be requested to attend a trade show or convention, there are a few more on the horizon in 2023. In the event you attend there may be at that time a requirement to lift up to 45lbs – moving booth stuff around.

Motion Parameters: Most of the time you will be working utilizing a computer in your own home. You need to ensure your workstation and area is ergonomically sound.

Vision and Hearing Requirements: Must be able to see and hear well. The company doesn’t want to have to re-explain things over and over…. J CRO’s and CWO’s get frustrated when that happens.

Common Sense: A common saying is: Common Sense, isn’t common. The company expects you to exercise common sense. It really doesn’t need more explaining than that.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): The first set of Personal Protective Equipment required to be supplied by the company, will be supplied.

Psychological Demands: The successful candidate is expected to have the ability to make sound decisions in working in a remote environment. The position requires that the Wizards be flexible in learning and be able to adapt to the demands of the position. These demands are placed on oneself by oneself, so, the tougher you are on yourself, the more demands you will need to endure.

Acknowledgement & Agreement: The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role as you develop and grow into a more progressive set of tasks and responsibilities. There are various Wizard positions that we expect will be coming available in Canada and the United States on both coasts as well as in the Mid-West and Southern United States.

Please send your CV/Resume to – We are looking forward to seeing and hearing why you would like to join us as a Wizard.