The Monkey Blast Repair Kit (FRK)

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The Monkey Blast Mat Field Repair Kit (FRK) allows you to make repairs to your Blasting mats on site, when holes get blasted into them and they become damaged to the point they should not be in service. There are always those times that you need something to fix your blasting mat when the original equipment (OEM) parts are days away.


✓ Reduced downtime

✓ Saves your company valuable time and money

✓ Multiple (FRK) types

✓ Various lengths of OEM wire rope, clamps and clamp lock

✓ A-1 original clamp lock

Stock up on our Monkey Blast Repair Kit to help your Team fix your mats quick and efficiently should they become defective on the job. There are multiple field ready kit types with various lengths of OEM wire rope, clamps and clamp lock. You know it’s our original clamp lock because it comes in our reliable red colour.

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

USA Patent No.: US 10,739,121 B2

Canadian Patent No.: 3 040 991

Custom Manufactured

Let us know how many Monkeys you need and we will get them out to you. Order them along with your blast mats and rest easy knowing you have a few extra monkeys around to help out whenever your mats get damaged in the field.