The OTR Plow

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Our OTR Plow design is built to last and get the job done right. From the thickest snow, to the finest sand and gravel.

This plow is perfect for those with a yard or job just a little too big for one person to handle alone. Clearing parking lots, moving snow, clearing gravel or sand. With a fleet of near indestructible OTR plows, job site, office or home clean up will be a worry of the past.



✓ Efficiency

✓ Longevity

✓ Size/weight

We re-purpose even the largest of tires! Introducing our OTR snow plow. 

Easily mountable to the front of a smaller piece of machinery, this plow is made with an OTR tire, and stainless steel so it is not only incredibly thick, but incredibly durable, while still retaining shape utilizing the steel support bars.

Snow is not only moved in mass, but well contained through the use of a concave design. Whatever substance needs moving, the OTR plow is more than capable for the job.

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

Custom Manufactured