The Mat "BAT"

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Trackable and durable, the Mat "Bat" is our latest offering from B2B and NEW for 2020! The Mat "Bat" locates your mats by GPS.

Why the Mat "Bat"?
✓ Indestructible rubber casing
✓ Accurately track and manage your Blasting Mat Fleets
✓ GPS location services allows movement logistics
✓ Fleet monitoring and location

Our blasting mat GPS location device. Imagine, a fleet of blasting mats, spread out all over North America, not knowing where they are at any given time. The MAT "BAT" solves this problem. Discreetly integrated into each mat is a unique MAT "BAT", allowing us to locate each and every blasting mat, so you know where your resources are at any given time.

We can also locate other drilling and blasting assets as well, with a low cost "BAT" tracker for your fleet of equipment.

Let B2B manage your blating mat fleets, with leasing, location services, fleet movement and management, for at least 30% less than what your company can today. Request a quote below!

Proudly manufactured in Canada.