The Armadillo Blast Mat

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The Armadillo is renowned for its pliability and versatility in releasing a high volume of high velocity blast gases, to minimize the height that the mat rises into the air, after the shot detonates. It is our most popular mat design, patented over 20 years ago by A-1 Blasting Mats' original owner.

✓ Sizes
✓ Compression pressures
✓ Ring sizes (engineered and drop forged)
✓ Number and proprietary cable patterns and sizes
✓ Clevices and clamps

The over/under weave pattern of the cut and punched tires has been further modified to most recently incorporate our affectionately named "smiley frown" pattern. This is what makes these mats so versatile, just like an Armadillo.

A quality product, custom made, "Built to Blast"