The Armadillo Mat (Car Tire)

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The Armadillo is our most popular mat design, The armadillos are deployed in numerous applications.


✓ Sizes

✓ Compression pressures

✓ Ring types

✓ Number and proprietary

✓ Cable patterns and sizes

✓ Ring sizes (Engineered and drop forged)

✓ Clevices and clamps

The Armadillo is renowned for its pliability and versatility in releasing a high volume of high velocity blast gases, to minimize the height that the mat rises into the air, after the shot detonates. The over/under weave of the cut and punched tires has been further modified to incorporate our affectionately named, “smiley frown” pattern and this is what makes these mats so versatile, just like an Armadillo. A quality product, custom manufactured, “Built to Blast”

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

USA Patent No.: US 10,739,121 B2

Canadian Patent No.: 3 040 991

Custom Manufactured

• Made with regular car and light truck tires, with up to 6 tractor trailer treads, standard three on each end.

• Mats are quoted with a standard minimum of 3/4” wire rope cable.

• From 1.5” - 2” holes in rubber to allow better movement of rubber.

• No steel grommets inserted in the mats where cables are threaded. This minimizes wear on the cables.

• ALL MATS have options for lifting rings - standard is 10” Inside diameter.

• Mats can be from 8’ wide to 12’ wide and weigh between 32-40lbs per sq/ft, depending on compression.

• Customizable configurations of clamps, malleable and drop forged.

• Optional clamp lock - per clamp.

• Additional clamp pattern inside of mats to hold mats together.

• Additional clamp pattern inside of mats to hold mats together.

• Optional wire rope cable sizes, 5/8”, 3/4”, and 1” diameter. Larger diameter cables available on request.

• Weight of Mats are approximately 2.75 metric tons.