The RHINO Blast Mat

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The RHINO mat is tough and durable. These mats are longer lasting in rough terrain and can be modified to make specialized products, such as high velocity shooting range products and blast curtains.

✓ Sizes
✓ Compression pressures
✓ Ring sizes (engineered and drop forged)
✓ Number and proprietary cable patterns and sizes
✓ Clevices and clamps

Battle tested in Northern Ontario, Canada, our mats NEVER use grommets and use a minimum 3/4" NEW wire rope cable. All of our mats have engineered rings and steel components so that you can assure your rigging people the pickup points are top notch. RHINO Blast Mats are available on our Rental and Leasing programs as well.

Just like RHINOs in the wild, they are tough skinned, and don't stop once they get going. A-1 manufactures them so they are "Built to Blast".

Proudly manufactured in Canada