About Us


B2B Industrial, Inc. is a company that provides high quality, innovative and best of breed products for the mining, construction, forestry, fishing and car repair industries, currently.

Our Team is known for developing innovative cost effective solutions for customers on time and on budget. B2B Industrial, Inc. stays up to date with products and solutions within the industry.

B2B Industrial, Inc. assists firms by providing multiple types of custom designed products. Some of these products are Blasting Mats, Road Mats, Land Cover Mats, and Wharf Mats.

B2B Industrial, Inc. is able to also supply select explosive products to increase productivity, efficiency and safety within mining and construction applications.

Another unique offering from B2B Industrial, Inc. is an Electric UTV vehicles that are preferred for underground use. These specialty Electric vehicles are made to be used underground as they produce no harmful emissions.

theSHOP Wheelmasters, also supplies complete tire solutions for commercial vehicles at competitive prices and some assembly services for The Zeus Electric vehicle.

New products are planned for B2B Industrial, Inc, product offerings, please come back and check for new offerings and sign up for our email!

Our sales team looks forward to working with clients and additional best of breed manufacturers in the future so that we can supply more helpful products to our customers.