The Gorilla Weight

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The weights are longer lasting and similar to a Rhino mat in rough terrain. The difference is, they are approximately 1/3 the weight of the Rhino Blast Mat. They can also be modified to make specialized temporary walls or barriers.


✓ Sizes - 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 9ft

✓ Track-able, with our Mat “BAT”

✓ Synthetic cables and wire rope

✓ Practically indestructible

✓ Customizable weight patterns

✓ Enhance the weight of mats

✓ Easily moved onto mats

The Gorilla weight is known for its toughness and long lasting characteristics in heavy duty construction, mining, and civil environments! Along with its battle tested relative the Rhino Blast Mat, the Gorilla Weights consist of oversized OTR’s, use a minimum 3/4” NEW wire rope cable, while being customized for your configurations. All of our weights have drop forged clamps and steel components so that you can assure your rigging people the pickup points are TOP NOTCH. Gorilla Weights are available on the Unique Rental and Leasing Programs offered, as well as for purchase. Similar to gorillas in the jungle they are tough skinned, agile, and versatile. They are heavy set and designed to stay in place, they are “Built to Blast”.

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

Custom Manufactured

• Gorilla weights (GW) are made of LARGE and VERY LARGE OTR- typically 8-9 feet in diameter and approximately 1000 lb or approximately 500 kg each. Lighter Gorilla Weights are also available.

• Minimum of 1/2” wire rope cable.

• Gorilla Weights are quoted with a standard minimum of 5/8” Wire Rope Cable extensions and tie off cables - to allow the weights to be daisy chained and strung together to prevent them from running away.

• ALL weights have options for lifting rings and devices.

• Customizable configurations of clamps.

• Optional clamp lock - per clamp.

• Additional cable on OTRs to coral the Gorilla Mats together, in the event the cables break.

• Optional wire rope cable sizes, 5/8”, 3/4” and 1” diameter. Larger diameter cables available on request.

These weights are used to augment the weight of a set of Blast Mats, without adding another mat on top of the existing mats. The Gorilla Weights can also be used as temporary barriers on Job sites, allowing your firm to pick them up and move them easily with loaders, excavators and backhoes.