"Bird used B2B services to supply blasting mats for its mining projects in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue (QC) sector. Due to the proximity of the town near site, blasting mats were a critical component in order to achieve our main project. Significant quantities of mats were required for projects of this type and B2B was able to supply on demand according to the prescribed deadlines. The quality of the mats is very important to us and we have realized during the last projects that the product supplied by B2B is durable. Bird received good customer service regardless of the request made to B2B representatives. We have mostly work with Kevin Fitzgerald and always received good service. The experience and knowledge of B2B representatives made the difference. Their willingness to find solutions was appreciated." J.R.

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"The wharf mats were built exactly per the plans we had agreed on and they fit onto the structure just as planned. The installation of the mats went very smoothly with the utilization and placement of the lifting rings. The rings allowed us to hoist the mats in place and secure them to the hanging brackets. The mats were installed last year and they are still holding up strong. The tires and cables are showing little wear even though they are placed in salt/brackish water in a significant tidal zone. They are protecting our clients existing structure and have done their job so far, they have stopped barges and push boats from scraping up against the finish concrete causing unneeded damage. The vertical strips we added to the corner mats were stiff to start but have loosened up and the rubber has wrapped around the corner nicely protecting what we designed them for. Overall a nice product and fairly priced, I would purchase these again if I had another application." D.M.

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This October 2023, B2B Industrial, Inc. was approached to provide a solution for a contracting company to provide a solution for its equipment to transverse rails and eliminate the possibility of damaging the rails in the process. B2B’s Patented “Rail Renegade” was the perfect fit for this opportunity, manufactured specifically to allow the client to approach the rail utilizing the Rhino mat and then subsequently, rollover the rails with its integrated Armadillo cousin, then exiting the rail surface back onto a Rhino mat. This product is needed all over the world to minimize damages. The Rail Renegade mats are the ones to help out!

From the initial discussion to the customized drawings for the clients, to delivery, took approximately 15 business days, from start to finish, when we say finish, we mean delivery! The mats were delivered directly to the job site, saving our client time, the added expense of extra freight and unloading and loading prior to commissioning and of course, approved by the contractors end client, CP Rail before shipping. Not too shabby!

B2B Industrial, Inc’s patented Variable Density Mats (VDM), save our customers time, effort and money, that’s a home run for our contractor clients (and the railways).

"Here are some photos of the mats in action: They worked well… The mats were very easy and fast to setup and take down." G.S.

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I receive quotes daily for everything under the sun and yours is extremely well put together.

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G.D. Ing.

A Client recently reached out with an urgent need for blasting mats:

“Do you have availability for 12 or 24 armadillo blasting mat, no warranty or freight, we would pick them up directly at your location in sturgeon falls? We would require them as soon as early January”

The plant was closing for the week of the holidays on the 22nd at noon, returning on the 2nd and also had other products and orders to complete as well, so this became an urgent requirement for a January 10th, 2024 completion. Our Client took the initiative to pre-pay their order, work closely with us through the holidays for co-ordination of the pickup, delivery and scaling of the mats that were picked up today, in the middle of a snowstorm on January 10th, 2024.

"Thank you very much for your help, been of great service! Have a good day, Salutations".

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"Your mats are the best out there!"

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you give us an excellent service and a quick delivery

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“recently, a client contacted us for a repeat order of more or less what he had ordered 3 years earlier, he said he wanted the same as 3 years ago. He also indicated that he was taking over for the former owner of the company and that We have the BEST Made mats in the market”