The OTR Trough

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The OTR trough is the perfect mainstay on any farm, with a sturdy, thick exterior build; once this trough is down, it isn’t going anywhere.

This trough is for those who want to set and forget, not worry about weather conditions, or the elements wearing the metal troughs down.



✓ Efficiency

✓ Longevity

✓ Size/weight

OTR tires are far more reusable than most may think them to be. Our OTR Trough is a great example of extending an exhausted tires lifespan.

A near indestructible exterior, a middle section for water filtering and distribution, and the ability to add anchor points for simple trough relocating.

With a fleet of b2b Industrial, Inc’s OTR troughs, you can rest assured they are the last you will need to buy.

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

Custom Manufactured