The Elephant Mat (Super Single)

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These mats are longer lasting and similar to a Rhino Blast Mat in rough terrain. The difference is, they are approximately 1.5x heavier than a Rhino Blast Mat. They can also be modified to make specialized products, such as high velocity shooting range products and blast curtains.


✓ Sizes

✓ Compression pressures

✓ Ring types

✓ Number and proprietary

✓ Cable patterns and sizes

✓ Clevices and clamps

✓ Ring sizes (Engineered and drop forged)

The Elephant is known for its toughness and long lasting characteristics in heavy duty construction regions. Along with its battle tested relative the Rhino Blast Mat in Northern Ontario Canada, A-1 mats NEVER use Grommets and use a minimum 3/4” NEW wire rope cable, with a customized pressure and tie up pattern. All of our mats have either engineered or drop forged rings and steel components so that you can assure your rigging people the pickup points are top notch. Elephant Blast Mats are only available on the Unique Rental and Leasing Programs offered at this time. Similar to the Elephants, these mats are tough skinned and are at home in the mud. They are heavy set, designed to stay in place. A-1 manufactures them so they are “Built to Blast”.

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

USA Patent No.: US 10,739,121 B2

Canadian Patent No.: 3 040 991

Custom Manufactured

• Elephant Mats are made of SUPER SINGLE tractor trailer truck tire treads (SS5T) with 130-150 (SS5T) tractor trailer treads per mat.

• Mats are quoted with a standard minimum of 1” wire rope cable.

• From 1.5” - 2” holes in rubber to allow better movement of the rubber, minimizing pitch and break points.

• No steel grommets inserted in the mats where cables are threaded, minimizing breakage.

• ALL MATS have options for lifting rings - standard is 10” inside diameter.

• Mats can be from 8’ wide to 12’ wide and weigh between 50-75lbs per sq/ft, depending on compression.

• Customizable configurations of clamps.

• Optional Clamp Lock - per clamp.

• Additional clamp pattern inside of mats to hold mats together, in the event the cables break.

• Optional wire rope cable sizes, 5/8”, 3/4”, and 1” diameter. Larger diameter cables available upon request.