The Rhino Skin Mat

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The Rhino Skin is a lightweight, versatile design, years in the making, adapting all of the rugged toughness of our patented Rhino Mat, and giving it the pliable characteristics of our Manta Mat line.


✓ Sizing

✓ Composite materials

✓ Multiple layers

✓ Flexibility

✓ Light weight

✓ Versatility

B2B Industrial, Inc’s newest “patented” solution solves combining two of our core four products into one super product, The Rhino Skin.

This mat design boasts the toughness and durability the Rhino Mat is famous for, with a low profile layered design comprised of composite materials that grant the mat immense flexibility and greatly reduces the weight of a traditional Rhino solution, while retaining durability.

These mats are tough, flexible, and like a Rhino, they don’t stop once they get going, they are “Built to Blast”.