The Rail Renegade Mat (Hybrid)

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Our mats are “built2blast”, but they are built versatile enough for use across multiple industries.  

When we think of keeping the equipment on the rails, that’s where our newest Rail Renegade mat solution comes in.


✓ Minimizing wobble

✓ Balance

✓ Rail protection from all angles

✓ Adaptable fit

✓ Sizing options

✓ Customizable

The Renegade is custom manufactured for each client, to allow operators of heavy equipment access to rail work, right on the rails. Designed to help companies get the excavators and other equipment on the rail, while protecting the rails at the same time.

These “Patented” mats are manufactured using our looping design while taking advantage of our Chameleon mat DNA allowing our mats the ability to be set down and fit like a glove while the excavator moves over top of them.

The secondary feature that we normally don’t speak about, is the ability with our optional “MatBAT” GPS device, to be located globally should they become mistakenly put somewhere unexpected. Contact us for a MatBAT Device.

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

USA Patent No.: US 10,739,121 B2

Canadian Patent No.: 3 040 991