The Cobra Ring

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Our agricultural ring, single cone construction ring and new Data gathering device for silage in the agricultural business, all wrapped in one. 


✓ No Water collection on silage 

✓ Easy to deploy 

✓ Data acquisition source 

✓ Data gathering device to determine temperatures, etc in silage, other areas, pressures, and gases. 

✓ Ability to deploy a private wireless network 

✓ Guaranteed! To last for at least five years, or B2B will replace them

 The cobra typically averages no more than 13lb (6 kg) in weight. In point of fact, the heaviest king cobra on record only weighed 26lb (12 kg). Our cobra branded sidewalls, weigh in at approximately 6.25kg, just a shade over the actual average Cobra’s in the wild. Like the cobra, our cobra sidewalls are long life sidewalls. Although we haven’t tested the longevity, we expect they will outlive the real cobra’s that survive to adulthood, which on average live to about 20 years. Our Cobra Sidewalls, are made from tractor trailer tire sidewalls and are very thick and easy to place. 

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

Custom Manufactured

The Cobra sheds water quickly and eliminates a breeding ground for mosquitoes in silage, thereby minimizing mosquito breeding. The shape of our Cobra sidewalls are also optimized for road construction cones and allow your company to place one on a cone instead of 3 or four wired together, adding weight and stability to the cone, while saving TIME=MONEY.