The Beluga Landcover Mat

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A New mat offering from B2B, our latest patent pending Beluga Mat, pays homage to these magnificent creatures of the deep in our specialized, versatile Landcover mats, made with rubber tire pieces, conveyor belting, and heavy duty bags. These mats are able to be filled up to 46 cm thick, with lifting straps to move them into place with loader forks. The Beluga “Landcover” Mat is as versatile as it is functional.


✓ Synthetic cable and wire rope

✓ Light weight

✓ Fillable with sand or other materials

✓ Customizable weight patterns

✓ Can be used to enhance mat weight

✓ Easily moved onto mats

✓ Durable heavy duty vinyl, and synthetic materials

✓ Track-able, with our Mat “Bat”

✓ Various sizes available

Having a Landcover mat, that allows you to precisely place it, while having approximately 1000kg of rubber fill in it, also allows your organization to place mats in a strategic formation allowing them to be removed from the working face readily and stored in a small footprint area. The construction and bag filling capability allows your municipal workers to increase or decrease the mass in the bags while being able to track them as well. Since they are constructed with Rubber and heavy duty vinyl product, the bags are at home in a cold environment, as well as a warm environment, perfect for the northern winters in Canada and warm conditions in the USA.

Proudly Manufactured in Canada.

Custom Manufactured

The Beluga “Landcover” MATS, can also be modified to be used as flotation mats, water dam mats(in flooding scenarios), barriers, movable platforms or cushions for lumber and forestry storage applications, or for use in shipping or heavy equipment environments.

All of our Mats are manufactured with “Built to Blast” as a characteristic, the Beluga, although versatile, with a different construction method is no different. Let B2B manage your Mat Fleets, with Leasing, Location Services, Fleet Movement and Management, for less than what your company can.

Our patent pending Mat “Bat”, can also be integrated in the Beluga Landcover” Mats, allowing us to locate each and every Beluga “Landcover” Mat, so you know where your resources are at any given time, to demonstrate the movement of the mats for land cover compliance at municipal landfill areas. We can also locate other Assets as well, with a Low cost “Bat” tracker for your Fleet of Equipment.